Libra Project

On August 15, 2016, the Libra Project, in partnership with the World Youth Foundation, will convene a diverse group of college student leaders for four days to explore complex social justice issues. Through structured, experiential workshops and peer dialogue, students will gain a better understanding of how issues like race, privilege, gender and culture affect our communities. Participating delegates will develop leadership skills for campus activities and be better prepared for their post-college futures.

The Libra Project is recruiting students of all beliefs and backgrounds from Houston-area universities and community colleges. We expect these students to get the biggest benefit from our four-day program:

  • Sophomores/juniors in any field of study
  • Engaged in campus life and/or community groups
  • Recognizes prejudice but may not understand the institutional nature of inequality
  • Interested in and open to sharing life experiences and learning about others
  • Interested in bettering their Houston community
  • Diversity-minded, tolerant, empathetic
  • Leader among peers/leadership potential
  • Has available bandwidth to participate in post-program activation
  • Motivated to attend by wanting to
    • better understand their community
    • make their world more equitable
    • network with other campus leaders
    • prepare for their post-college future


The workshop will be held August 15-17 at a soon to be announced centrally-located venue. The registration fee is $20 and lunch is provided daily. Registration is closing  . . . Reserve your seat! 


The Libra Project program design leader is Godfrey Plata, a former educator and trainer for Teach for America, currently working with Leadership for Educational Equity. Additional Libra Project team members have educational backgrounds and experience with inclusion-focused student leadership programs. The Libra Project is working in partnership with World Youth Foundation, a registered non-profit celebrating its 25th year of supporting the development of Houston-area youth.


Additional information and the program application can be found at Please contact us through the website with any questions or to request our detailed curriculum.


Please consider our program when discussing summer plans with your students. We look forward to a strong representation from your school at the Libra Project in August. Remember, Registration is closing  . . . Reserve your seat! 



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